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What we offer

Each "Citizen" of Spring Valley receives the following:

Board and Lodging
Learning Paths
Mentorship Support
Competitive Salary and Allowance
Hardware and Software Subsidy
A Whole Lot of FUN and an EXPERIENCE of a Lifetime!

SPR/IN.T will serve as the incubation center for all Startups that would require mentorship assistance, access to funding, a collaborative environment and an ecosystem that will help propel their aspirations to greater heights. It offers co-working spaces, regular learning sessions, cloud facilities and access to software specialists.

Teach the Teacher modules, Continuing Education modules, and Short Courses for Technopreneurs

iOS Developer Institute
Microsoft Cloud Campus
Cyber Security Academy
Spring Valley Academy

The Academy will offer short-term and long-term learning paths aligned with current learning methodologies and will focus on three key areas – Skills, Communication, and Values. The Academy will create various synergies with leading global institutions in order to produce best in class approaches to education and learning. It will feature testing centers as well as laboratories that will cater to all types of learners.


The ARK (Advanced Research and Knowledge) Center will have a Fabrication Laboratory, Global Collaboration Platforms and Software Staging Areas that will serve as the vehicle to realize the Valley’s Internet of Things projects and SMART City initiatives in line with our goal of marrying hardware and software. The ARK will also be the home of Startups that Spring Valley Inc. have invested in.

ITM-BPM Housing

The House of Geeks will serve as the residence of all Founders, Technologists, Developers, and Innovators that chose to be part of the biggest initiative to hit the Philippine IT-BPM Industry . The housing facility will feature a 24X7 Cafeteria, Lounge Areas, several Collaboration Corners and a Health and Wellness Facility.

The IT-BPM Support Facility of Spring Valley. Named after the 1st BPM locator, ePerformax Contact Center and BPO, the building is comprised of six floors dedicated to office spaces with retail outlets at the ground floor.

Genesis Building the 1st Learning and Training Facility composed of 3 Classrooms, 1 Computer Laboratory, a Tech4Ed Center and the Spring Valley Tech Corp Office