About Us

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About Spring Valley

Spring Valley was created to address the need for a venue where Innovation and Technology is cultivated and nurtured in terms of talent development and intellectual property creation. Spring Valley aims to be Asia and the Pacific’s answer to Silicon Valley in the US – with a few exciting tweaks!

The main goal of Spring Valley is to become the Melting Pot of all the talented technology experts and innovators in the region to design, develop and deploy game-changing creations and inventions that will help make this world a better place.

Spring Valley is located in Pueblo de Panay Township in the Province of Capiz that is within the Island of Panay.

Spring Valley aims to undertake programs that would establish efficient and environment-friendly infrastructures that would have a sustainable effect on energy management, transportation, communications and waste management.

The Spring Valley environment and culture that we would like to establish nurtures creativity, passion and dedication to create innovation and technology that would have a positive effect in the way we exist. Our mantra manifests these aspirations – “Technology for Good”.

40 hectares devoted to tech